Irada 2017: Movie Review Starring Naseeruddin Shah And Arshad Warsi

Irada 2017 Movie Review

Irada is the first ever eco-thriller film of Bollywood, directed by Aparnaa Singh. It is written by Anushka Ranjan and Aparnaa Singh and produced by Falguni Patel and Prince Soni. The film released today on 17th February 2017, worldwide. Eco-pollution is a topic of great concern and Hollywood had many films on it.

Irada: Star Cast

  • Naseeruddin Shah
  • Arshad Warsi
  • Rumana Molla
  • Sharad Kelkar
  • Divya Dutta
  • Sagarika Ghatge
  • Diwakar Kumar

Irada: Story Plot

Irada 2017 Movie Review
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Irada film is all about pollution and waste released by chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Naseeruddin Shah is an ex-army officer whose daughter dies due to cancer, and he is in the anger of revenge. Then a blast takes place in a factory, and thus the CM Divya Dutta hire an NIA officer Arshad Warsi to investigate the cause and finds that other people are also suffering from this ground water contamination.

Critic Reviews

The critic found it boring and a so… so… film. Meena Iyer of the Times of India said: “The film’s attempt to educate the audience on the perils of chemical contamination, reverse boring, and groundwater pollution that is a harsh reality around urban townships is half-baked. There is also a sub-plot of a journalist (Sagarika Ghatge) seeking revenge for her dead boyfriend. Even this track is really weak. If the intention is everything, you may feel kindly towards Irada. Unfortunately, when it comes to a celluloid experience, story-telling is prime. Here, the film falters.”

Irada 2017 Movie Review
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Review by Mohar Basu on Mid-Day India, “It’s an overcrowded plot with facile characters, and lacks both the required energy and depth of the subject. There are too many parallel narratives, and Singh’s limited directorial skills aren’t enough to handle the snags. She spends the entire first hour creating the milieu and setting the pace. It is horridly unbearable to sit through a bunch of unrelated scenes, appearing one after the other, that fail to stir an impact. The characters have a tendency of being overtly verbose (what’s with the Shayari codes, man?). The documentary style of storytelling (diagrams, et al.) isn’t exactly captivating. The drama of the climax and feeble final shot is, perhaps, the last straw.”

Our ratings: 2 out of 5.

Final Verdict

Although a solid concept and thought of taking a dark shade of the society the film fails to deliver the message in its best way. The actors gave their best shot, but the entire execution was not so appealing. Overall, it is a one time watch! Keep reading our blogs, movie updates, and Bollywood film reviews for latest information on Hindi movies.

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