Indian Has No Time To Give Commitments Anymore Towards Pakistan

India Pakistan Issues

As per the schedule, the foreign advisor of Pakistan’s Prime Minister’s Govt. Sartaj Aziz’s visit to India. It, however, seems like Indian is on strike, making some major changing and bringing about a revolution in the country. There are no current commitments being given so far.

It has been decided the aforementioned Foreign Advisor was supped to reach Amritsar in the coming week to attend a conference at the heart of Asia.

India has taken a bold step towards demanding an end to terrorism first and then expects any alliance with us. This is an incredibly bold initiative that is certain to bring around the much-required evolution and the customary terrorism that has been eating away the roots of the country.

The ministry of external affairs has strongly condemned any connectivity with Pakistan, where terrorism lives, grows and gets its due shape. Therefore, India has remained to be non-committal and quite for the time being on any association with Pakistan.

As of now, the visit shall stand cancel and India stands still and rigid this time around. The Govt. has started an instigation of zero tolerance, and we are simply not going to bear the burden of conspiracies, and the surgical strike, followed by the demonetization are steps taken to address the deeper roots of concern.

This is incredibly great and amazingly bold of a country that had always followed the footsteps of Mahatma Gandhi and had been defending its boundaries ever since then. The need of the hour is such great changes that would change the layout and the position of the country on the whole.

India Pakistan Issues
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We salute the Pm Modi’s thoughts and courage to bring about such brilliant changes or the betterment of the county, on the whole, eradicate terrorism, corruption and so much more. There is a lot of inconveniences faced, but still, the common man is with the Govt. Offering their exceptional acceptance and has united to hope for better days to come and make the future of the country, a lot safe.

This non-committal step towards Pakistan is certainly going to move them around and shatter their image even more, while our intentions are defiantly going to be enough for them now!

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