Important Tips for Keeping Healthy Goldfish – Complete Goldfish Care Tips

A healthy goldfish is a happy goldfish! Keeping into consideration all my previous articles, I believe I have covered most of the requirements and problems that we all may have to deal with at some point of time when dealing with our little ones – goldfish.

Important Goldfish Care Tips – Goldfish Foods & Facts

Yesterday, all of a sudden one of my goldfish, Amber wasn’t moving around and behaving sluggish; I got a little scared and this is when I realized that I have definitely missed on something; she had been sitting down the entire day sticking in the corner of the tank.

1I don’t want something like to happen with your goldfish, and this is why I decided to go ahead with the do’s and don’ts that should be considered when up-keeping goldfish in our homes.

    1. There’s no harm if you may not be able to feed goldfish for a day or two; our goldfish can live without food easily for a week; never overfeed goldfish, give them food that they can consume in a minute’s time; remove excess food immediately and clean the fish tank regularly, no matter how good or big the attached filter is.
    2. Goldfish do not suffer short-term memory loss; they are intelligent enough to remember as good as a five-year-old human child; we will easily notice this when we go close to the fish tank and open the feeding flap. They recognize our presence and know that we are their family and feeders.
    3. Clean the water in the aquarium more often and feed goldfish on a regular basis, if our goldfish looks unhealthy; this might solve the problem, but if it doesn’t take it to the local pet store and see if they can help; also read online for blogs and forums to get solutions online.
    4. Soak the food for a few seconds prior to feeding goldfish; this will avoid floating of the food and will allow it to sink in the fish tank. Buoyancy problems occur in goldfish when it swallows excess air while eating; soaking of food reduces the risk of air swallowing in goldfish.
    5. As I said earlier, variety is the spice of life; so is it with goldfish too; they also love to have variety in their diet. Give goldfish pellet food; live and frozen/dried foods at least two times a week alternatively; to keep goldfish on a vegetarian diet, add veggies including crushed peeled green peas; cucumber; broccoli; zucchini and raw egg yolk to their diet after either processing them in the microwave for around 30 seconds.3
    6. Goldfish tend to eat anything and everything we give them; therefore, it is our duty to be careful and think before we add in the aquarium and we give them to eat; we must feed goldfish with healthy food, and in a limited amount.
    7. We must ensure that we know how healthy our goldfish is; a healthy goldfish always have upright dorsal fins and cherry bright scales. The goldfish appearance will help us check on the signs whether it is happy or unhappy.
    8. Healthy goldfish requires optimum water temperature to happily live in; we may need to install a heater to provide it maintain water temperature in a fish tank.
    9. Let goldfish hibernate for at least 8 to 10 hours a day; do not disturb them, even if their eyelids are open; they need rest and that’s the way they take rest.
    10. Do not use sand in the fish tank, it isn’t as preferable; and even if you do so, then stir it well when cleaning the fish tank to prevent compacting of sand and building of toxic gas.

  1. Never put goldfish in a glass bowl; it will shorten the goldfish’s lifespan. Always use a spacious fish tank; goldfish need ample space to live healthy and longer.2
  2. Millions of goldfish die due to improper care and goldfish myths; please be kind to goldfish so that they can live longer, happier and healthier; goldfish are known to live anything between 15 and 35 years.
  3. Give goldfish good and similar companions; they love to live in schools and should be kept with another goldfish of similar kinds and sizes.

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