10 Important Cat Foods That You Should Consider – Best Cat Foods List

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Picking cat foods may not be as simple as it sounds. It requires careful considerations of more than one aspect. One simple trip to the pet food aisle of the nearby supermarket may not suffice.

Best Cat Foods List You Must Consider – Recommended Cat Foods

Following given is a list of top 10 important cat foods that you should consider:

1. Meat

cat foods meat
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You cannot simply buy any meat from a supermarket. Try searching for a free – range, grass – fed meet in the store. You need to know how the meat is processed, that’s the only issue. Moreover, avoid guessing how much meat you’ll be feeding your cat. Don’t be lazy – use a scale. The meat will naturally require other supplements such as salmon oil, b – complex and other proteins.

2. Vegetables

cat food - vegetables
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The truth about cats is that they are carnivore by nature. Therefore, they cannot derive all the necessary nutrients from vegetables, only. However, there are many breeds who enjoy nibbling on plants every once in a while. Recommended vegetables to feed cats are baked carrots, green beans, and steamed broccoli to name a few.

3. Cheese

cat foods
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Cats love cheese just as much as anyone of us. What’s more? It’s a great source of protein for them. However, cheese stands the chances of causing diarrhea. Therefore, test by feeding only a small portion to the cat first and see how their digestive system reacts to it.

4. Fish

cat foods
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Cats love fish treats! They are a great source for nutrients for them. However, experts have raised a few concerns with regards to feeding your cat more than required fish. The high levels of polyunsaturated fatty acids hold the potential of depleting your cat’s vitamin E levels.

5. Eggs

cat foods eggs
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We are all aware of how eggs provide proteins to our bodies. The same applies to cats as well. It is essential that you feed raw eggs to your cats as they would be able to garner greater nutritional benefits from them. Some cats may be allergic to eggs. Therefore, check by feeding them only a small portion first.

6. Lamb

cat foods lamb
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Many people might tell you, feeding raw lamb is bad for your cat. Don’t listen to them. The main concern is over additives and not the lamb itself. Cats love lamb!

7. Bones

cat foods bones
Photo Credit: http://www.catster.com/lifestyle/cat-health-tips-what-human-food-can-cats-eat

Most raw diets for cats will consist of raw bones. But make sure, these bones are small enough for your cat to chew on. Ribs, necks and many cuts from rabbits can be too large a piece for your cat.

8. Milk

cat foods milk
Photo Credit: http://cattime.com/cat-facts/health/319-foods-toxic-to-cats

Most lactose intolerant cats should avoid drinking milk. However, kittens must have milk. It is important they receive enough nutrition from the milk to survive. Cow’s milk is the best option.

9. Canned Food for Cats

cat foods canned food
Photo Credit: http://blog.petmeds.com/pet-talk/a-cat-health-month-celebration/

There are a lot of brands out there providing enough variety of cat food in the market. You can opt for that to fit into your cat’s diet schedule.

10. Potatoes

potatoes cat foods
Photo Credit: http://www.catster.com/lifestyle/cat-health-food-tips-what-can-cats-eat-sweet-potatoes-potato-fries-chips-toxic

You can feed properly cooked potatoes to your cat. They will not be toxic. However, raw potatoes are highly toxic. So keep them away. Take to your pet’s vet before serving food to your cats, especially if your cats are diabetic.


Cat Foods play an important role in the life of a healthy cat; therefore, think well before serving cat food to your loving little additions.

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