Green Aviation Evolution: Launch of the Solar-Powered Helicopter

solar powered helicopter

Solar Powered Helicopter is the most incredible modern aviation technology. The experts make use of high-tech avionics and some of the latest technology features like EO/IR, night vision, thermal imaging, Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR), and many environmental payloads. This amazing evolution contributes about 2% of global greenhouse gas emissions and also supports in world economic activity regarding GDP.

Launch of the Solar Powered Helicopter

The launch of this fuel free expedition around the world was one amongst the record-breaking news. The plane is currently able to cover only short expeditions, and so the experts are working quite hard in pushing back these limitations.

Each and every small panel installing inside the aircraft individually comprises of monocrystalline solar cells. The experts have designed this eco-friendly machine in quite well manner by making use of foam backings and the massive solar panel, which is used to power up the plane. The fuel-free jet comprises of four banks of solar panels and four sets of rotor blades. The extremely intelligently designed plane weighs about 100 ft. square.

Making of Solar Powered Helicopter

solar powered helicopter
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This breathtaking aircraft was converted from a previous incarnation of the helicopter, which was fuel operated and was firstly tested in the year 2014. The test flight that was carried out had one of the team members for about more than feet above from the ground. As per the results observed by the experts, there are yet many changes to be made on the plane in order to yield better current drift from the jet plane and to increase the distance that it travels.

It was reported that more than 100 students at the University worked under this incredible project for around seven years. It initially started as a competition to design a human powered helicopter, but it yielded into the most amazing solar powered aircraft.


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