Full English Breakfast: A Combination of Tradition and Taste

Full English Breakfast

The inclusion of items such as eggs, bacon, sausages and other cooked dishes, accompanied with a beverage such as tea or coffee, for the breakfast meal, is referred to as a full English breakfast. The concept of a full breakfast is popular in Ireland, the United Kingdom, and other English-speaking countries, wherein the meal is available for the customers at any time of the day, at cafes and pubs, and is known as an ‘all-day breakfast.’

What is a Full English Breakfast?

Amongst the globally-recognized Britain dishes, the full breakfast is most well-known. The staple items on the menu consist of fish and chips, shepherd’s pie, bangers & mash and the Christmas dinner. It was during the Victorian era that the full English breakfast became popular in the British Isles.

English Breakfast
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The lighter version of a full-breakfast is a Continental breakfast; foods and beverages such as tea, pastries, croissants, milk and fruit juices are laid out on the table for the patrons to relish.

The menu of a full-breakfast differs according to region and preferences. Condiments such as ketchup and brown sauce are regular items.

Refer to the following details to gather information about the food items on the full-breakfast menu, within different regions.

  • Cornwall, Cornish Breakfast: Potato cakes; hog’s pudding; mushrooms; bacon; tomato; toast; eggs; fried potatoes; sausages.
  • England, English Breakfast: Fried, scrambled or poached eggs; fried mushrooms, grilled tomatoes; toast & butter; baked beans; sausages; bacon; oatcakes; black pudding; hash browns; fried bread.
  • Ireland, Irish Breakfast: Pork sausages; fried tomatoes; black pudding; toast; white pudding; baked beans; hash browns; sautéed mushrooms; fried eggs; bacon rashers.
Continental Breakfast
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  • Scotland, Scottish Breakfast: Sausages; bacon; baked beans; eggs; butter with toast; coffee; tea; tattie scones; black pudding; Lorne sausage; haggis; fruit pudding; fried/grilled mushrooms/tomatoes; white pudding; porridge.
  • Wales, Welsh Breakfast: Thickened bacon served with Welsh Cockles and Laverbread; eggs; mushrooms; sausages; Welsh tea; smoked fish varieties including Sewin and Sea Trout.
  • North America, Canada: Steak; pork; sausages; bacon; croutons; peameal bacon; eggs; meat-based dishes; muffins; biscuits; bagels; orange juice; coffee; pancakes; cinnamon rolls; oatmeal; fruits.
  • Australia English Breakfast: Lamb cutlets; beef steak; bacon; eggs; sausages; Worcestershire sauce; baked beans; hash browns; potato fritters; toast and butter; muffins.


Now that you are aware of the constituents of a full-breakfast, served in divergent districts, we are sure you would like to try the menu items, on your visit to these places. Enjoy your meal!

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