Flintobox: Make An Incredible Difference In Your Child’s Growth And Development

FlintoBox Fun for children

Flintobox is one the most famous India based company which manufactures educational based boxes for children of age group 4 to 8 years. The manufactured educational packages prove to be a great help in the process of early child development and growth. The company follows particular subscription methods and delivers the little box of joy right at the door step.

Educational Boxes for Children

Flintobox is one of the highest gainers of awards for the most incredible subscription boxes for youngsters that are delivered at the doorstep every month by the company. Each and every box is loaded with many of the play based activities for kids that help boost the growth of children in an explorative way.

Also, the company makes sure that they manufacture the box every month with an antithetic theme that is designed by Montessori experts, children psychologists and caters in the developmental areas of children.

FlintoBox Dedicated for Toddlers

FlintoBox Fun for children
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The parents, who subscribe for this amazing box, receive quite easy learning activities that draw the attention of the toddlers for a couple of days. Not only this, but the activities also help in improving the development habits and overall skills of the toddler. These kinds of games are suitable for toddlers of 2 to 3 years old.

Amazing Boxes for Preschoolers

Flintobox offers fun included preschool activities for the kids that help the kids remain to engage for many weeks. These packages comprise of many fun and enjoyable processes that help in the overall brain development of the preschoolers of age 3 to 4 years old.

Benefits of FlintoBox for Kids of 4 to 8 Years

FlintoBox Fun for children
Photo Credit: http://www.buzzingbubs.com/bangalore/flintobox-9BAMsDTb-l

The kids of age 4 to 8 years get activities that pay entire focus on laying the foundation for what the child wishes to become in future. These play based activities introduce the kids to fresh concepts and easy science learning activities also.

Flintobox has been awarded as the “Coolest Startup of 2014” by Business Today.

FlintoBox is an amazing add-on for your children’s play area, especially for their mental growth and physical development. So, hurry up and book these amazing gifts for your children. You can ask your queries related to the box in the comment section below. Subscribe to our blog for more technology updates!

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