Finally, There Is Innovation Happening In Uttar Pradesh

cycling highway UP

Well, honestly the state has come up big time to match with the other more potential sides of the country for that matter. There is incredible progress, while there is certain lag still that exists and ruins the development and the boundless growth of this part of the country.

Apart from the various residential towers, skyscrapers, and malls, UP is known for innovation, fast pace and extended development for sure.

The latest buzz that has been doing rounds getting applauses for Uttar Pradesh is lovely cycle highway that is created to be one of its kind, inviting further innovation to the fullest, undoubtedly! UP now has the first of its kind, unique and amazing cycle highway!

This highway is a first of its kind while being made of a stretch of 207 km that extends amid Etawah and Agra. The stretch rolled open for the common man, recently on Saturday, making it big in everyone’s mouth these days. People are very happy to experience progress and development, especially in this part of the country that had been lagging behind and wasn’t quite getting its due credit.

To make the opening, even grander, a team of 90 cycle enthusiast who hailed from various countries, reached here to make the onset of a wonderful stretch, particularly one of its kind in the country. This was indeed followed by a grand opening ceremony that took place at Etawah.

cycling highway UP
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This highway would run equivalent to the regular highway and is supposedly 7 feet wide. The construction has been done a planned way and safety has been given utmost important, maintaining two dividers and much more. The highway is specially and strictly built for cyclists only and the smoothening, and the finishing of the road is given utmost attention.

The road is softer and way too smoother than the regular highway roads. So, if you are a cyclist, a fitness freak or a newbie, head over to this stretch along with your ride, to explore the fun and benefits of cycling like never before, as soon as possible!

India certainly lacks such things; they are safe, promote better health and hence is great for the future of the humans living here, as well as the surroundings.  In fact, we certainly need more of these, to promote good heath, less pollution, better health, and stamina, along with so much more!

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