Top 10 Best Family Dog Breeds In The World– Part 2


We all know that ‘Lady and the Tramp’ is definitely fun to watch; however, it probably isn’t the right way to choose a family dog for your home. So the question is big, how would you go about getting a pet for your family and yourself?

Top 10 Dog Breeds For Families – Best Puppy For Baby

The thumb rule is you must choose a family dog considering its temperament, energy level, size, and personality. Did you read my previous blog that stated 5 breeds and its characteristics for you to choose from, if yes, you should continue reading this one. However, if you haven’t read my previous blog on 10 Best Family Dog Breeds, then please do so. In this article, we shall discuss on the remaining five of them.

5. Vizsla

Fairly unknown, Vizsla is considered to be one of the best breeds you can have at home with kids. It is very mannerly, loyal, quiet, affectionate, playful and perfect with your little ones at home. Moreover, this breed is known for its readiness to learn tricks very quickly. It is smart, confident and obedient towards its masters.

Vizsla grows around 23” tall and weights around 50lbs. It requires a lot of open space to play in; an average-sized backyard is ideal for them. Thereby, people living in apartments shouldn’t consider buying a Vizsla.

Vizsla - family dog

4. Irish Setter

Irish Setter is extremely energetic, playful and loves being with people. It also loves playing with children. The dog is full of energy and requires a lot of playtime with children and its masters. It can grow up to 26” in height and can weigh anything around 65lbs. If you have an Irish setter in your home, you should take it out for a job daily.

Irish Setter

3. Poodle Family Dog

Poodle has been an all-time popular family dog for getting different style haircuts from their owners. They are very gentle and caring with people, yet very clever too. The Poodles shed very little hair; hence, it is a great pet to be with, especially the kids. But yes, they do need regular grooming.

The sizes of these pooches vary, but depending on your requirement you can choose from the toy breed, miniature breed or standard breed.

Poodle family dog

2. Labrador Retriever

Labrador stands second amongst the most popular family dog breeds. There are several reasons including that it is very patient, calm, reliable, protective and playful with children. This pooches personality reflects from its intelligence and sweet nature towards its human family. And yes, it means a lot for those who love to pet dogs at home.

They grow around 23” tall and weigh around 65lbs; some may get as huge to grow up to a 100lbs. Their lifespan has shortened these days sadly because of them being prone to mass cell tumors. The canine isn’t suitable for small home and apartments.

Labrador Retriever

1. Golden Retriever

The Golden retriever is the most preferred family dog, which weighs a mere 80lbs and grows as tall as 22” in height. Don’t worry, neither it is an aggressive breed, nor a timid one. It is very smart, clever, confidant and a very loyal doggie. It is perfect for kids and can be very patient with them.

It is a very energetic dog and requires a lot of exercise and play. Kids and its family members no wonder love this family dog.

Golden Retriever family dog

I have always had a good catch on what I keep looking for in pets and I wish you good luck in finding the best family dog breed for yourself! If you like reading what I write, please bookmark my website.

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