England Never Seizes To Demand From India

India v/s. England, Rajkot Test Match

This time around the England team is getting all demanding on the cricket grounds. While in the match that took place in Rajkot, India has been observed using the DRS for the very first time, on demand.

The players of England have asked to check upon Cheteshwar Pujara for being LBW in the match. However, the current decision of the board has given him clearance. Still, the opponent team has different views on the same. Therefore, they have asked to use the DBR technology to look into the deal, a bit closer.

While it has been years since the DBR has been used in matches, the Indian team played, though. But on demand, there is no choice left, but to roll it out and get the scenario inspected. This indeed is learning for the Indian team as well as the board.

Although being the current captain of the team, Virat Kohli is well aware of the measures of the DBR and the various conditions; it’s best used for that matter. He has been reported that things like this happen with a marginal difference and people can make mistakes on the field, undoubtedly. There is no surety of any decision observed over the field, anyhow.

Test match problems
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There is nothing wrong in including the best practices and making the game all the more accurate and precise. The team has been playing on honest parameters and is clear on terms when the decision as such needs implementation.

The situation as such has taken place in the past as well, however, this time, the opposite team has demanded the use of DBR, so it becomes all the more significant to be used and observed, for sure.

This matter escalated when the team had been playing at the Rajkot grounds, while Pujara was playing with Vijay. The partnership had been going all fine until Pujara stepped back and attempted at pushing the ball aside. The ball instantly hit on the pad, while it felt right at the fore of the pumps.

The umpire signaled an out, while at that very moment, Pujara pulled back and headed towards the pavilion. This indeed created a lot of pressure on the team and of course, more on the captain for the matter of fact.

All this was very instant, and Kohli is definitely under pressure. This needs to be seen, what exactly would be the outcome, finally!

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