Finally, Donald Trump Has Remarked Kansas Killing Of Indian Engineer As Denounce

Indian engineer Kansas Killing

US President Donald Trump addressed the Congress joint session on Tuesday. He denounces the fatal attack on Indian software engineer happened on last Wednesday. He said that America disapproves such act and stands united for condemning hate and evil. Donald Trump has been around in the news for his new US immigration policies, which was further banned by the US federal government.

He also addressed the threat against the Jewish community and its cemeteries. The country with divided policies still condemns hate and evil by standing together. The criticism he faces now a day on racism and bigotry, his conclusion is this as Black History Month. He said it reminds the nation’s way towards civil rights and remaining work left.

Every American has to pass through the path of liberty, justice, and truth using a torch to reach their present not breaking the chain. This torch is in everybody’s hand now to light up this world. His intention is to spread unity and strength from his deep heart.

The 32-year-old Indian Engineer Srinivas Kuchibhotla was from Hyderabad who along with his friend got shot at Kansas on last Wednesday. He was an employee with GPS Company Garmin. His friend Alok Madasani 32 and Ian Grillot the witness also got shot and survived. The attacker was a Navy man, Purinton 51 who yelled that get off his country and fired.

Later the shooter got arrested in Missouri 70 miles away from where he told a bartender of killing two Iranian people. He was searching for a place to hide out. This was revealed by 911 Henry County recording and bartender warned the police not to be careful because he can freak out and may do something bad again.

FBI is closely investigating the crime whether he is done with hatred. A spokesperson of White House addressed the act as racism which may be motivated by hatred. He also said that Trump completely disapproves such kind of racism and religious attack at its strongest. MaryKay Carlson US Charge of Affairs in deep sad said will have thorough investigation and prosecution of the case. However, they recognize the justice is just going to be small consolation for his family in grief.

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