An Overview About The Digital Mixer Mackie Pro DX8

Digital Mixer Mackie Pro DX8

There’s a lot being heard about the Digital Mixer Mackie Pro DX8. It is one of the latest editions among the professional digital mixers in the marketplace today.

Preface to the Mixers

When it comes to music all you need is, pleasant sound, good instrument backing, soul pulling plugins, and of course you must need a well-equalized digital mixer to level up these sound producing a very good output. We may see a lot of mixers field of music, which are offered by many companies and brands with various models.

At the beginning of this music production, we were using the analogic series of mixers starting from 4 channels to 48 channels of input, to present well classified sweet melodies to our ears. Today, there’s no need to carry such big gadgets to offer a qualified output because the technology has given vast opportunities and ideas for a comfortable sound production.

By utilizing all these current features, MACKIE (sound equipment company) has launched an eminent digital mixer of 8 channels. It is the digital mixer Mackie Pro DX8.

Digital Mixer Mackie Pro DX8
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Performance of Digital Mixer Mackie Pro DX8

The Mackie Pro DX8 holds a modernist main, portable and user-friendly. This digital mixer has a lightweight, which could be portable very easily where ever you like. Sweetening your ears with an outstanding class of equalizers to the voice and instruments connected within that.

On stage, your performance can be controlled by connecting the device using the provided application with an iOS mobile with a great look and very compact appearance. Carry where ever you want but up to the distance where you can get the signal ranges from the mixer to your device.

Features of Digital Mixer Mackie Pro DX8

Digital Mixer Mackie Pro DX8
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Pro DX8 is having a very precise structure of few inches. With complete wireless interfaces and also a built in hardware using the knobs to control the Pre-Fader Levels (PFL) for quick adjustment. It is designed very neatly along with a fine finish. It has an attractive six inputs of combo jack line in, smooth and soft buttons to feel each and every touch with the device.

Two main master outputs with left partition and right partition, which also consists the Aux outputs for the onstage gears such as stage monitors. To be the best performer first, you have to have a talent and secondly and mainly you should have the well-classed equipment. So Mackie offers the best quality equalizers for great performances for all musicians.


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