DataWind Launched PocketSurfer GZ With One Year Free Internet Surfing For Rs. 1,499 INR

DataWind PocketSurfer GZ

DataWind launched a new budget device (working on Linux system) named PocketSurfer GZ for Rs. 1,499 INR in India. The company launched it with the partnership of the Reliance Communication that is offering the free internet with it for one year. Free internet will be offered to everyone who will get it. The company has not provided any info about the specifications of the new Smartphone.

Company sources told the launch of this new budget Smartphone cost Rs. 1,499 INR indicates that the company is going in the right direction. It was also told that the device would also be useful for making the connectivity better in the countries like India that are emerging and developing rapidly.

The CEO of the DataWind, Mr. Suneet Singh Tuli commented on the launch saying that the focal point of the company is to reduce the price so much that access to the technology comes to the level that everyone universally can afford it, and the true meaning of the technology’s democratization could be found. So, the launch of this new device which price is just Rs. 1,499 INR is a right step in the right direction. He also added that this new device, without any doubt, will make connectivity better in the developing countries.

DataWind PocketSurfer GZ
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Moreover, he also emphasized on the call for of the budget mobile phones and said that hand free communication has turned to be very significant, and the company believes strongly that this technology should be spread everywhere in the world. The aim of the company is to shatter all the barriers related to the affordability along with the bandwidth restriction of the network so that company can set-up among Indian people at a new level.

The DataWind is an Amritsar-based company that is known for offering budget Smartphones and Tablets. The company previously launched an ultra budget tablets in the lineup of the Ubislate and PocketSurfer GZ. Moreover, it has also released other devices in the lineup of Pocket Surfer like 3G4Z, 3G 5, 3G4X, and 2G4X. All the devices were made available with free internet. All the devices following the Pocket Surfer lineup are priced in between Rs. 2,499 and Rs. 5,999 INR.

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