‘Chinnamma’ VK Sasikala, Third To-Be Woman Tamil Nadu CM

VK Sasikala

VK Sasikala to be the Next CM of Tamil Nadu!

On 5th December 2016, the former Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu Ms. Jayalalithaa has passed away due to her health issues. Doctors in Apollo said that she left us due to a massive cardiac arrest. Politicians believed that Ms. Jayalalithaa was the pillar of the party AIADMK.

Later after the death of the former CM, Mr. O. Paneer Selvam was appointed as the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu officially. Since VK Sasikala was, an aide to the former CM Ms. Jayalalithaa popularly called as AMMA, after her death Sasikala is considered as the CHINNAMMA, who was appointed as the General Secretary of TN.

On Sunday, a meeting was set up at Poes Garden, the location where CHINNAMMA stays at Ms. Jayalalithaa’s residence. The meeting accommodates the AIADMK’s party members and the Chief Minister Mr. O. Paneer Selvam. Soon after this meeting, the Chief Minister OPS has shortly resigned to replace him with CHINNAMMA as the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu.

Many Tweets were posted by the AIADMK’s official account on supporting CHINNAMMA, as the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu. This emergency party meeting later moved to the headquarters of AIADMK to visualize it as an official meet planned by the party members.

The opposite party DMK’s administrator Mr. Stalin says that “the people in Tamil Nadu have voted only Ms. Jayalalithaa not anyone else in her house.” He also appreciates Paneer Selvam’s efforts. However, Mr. Stalin is leaving a question that “why he should be replaced?”

Many parties in Tamil Nadu proposed many criticisms. The Congress leader Karti P Chidambaram states that for Tamil Nadu, it is a shame. Another question is followed by Tamilsai Soundarrajan the BJP’s state unit chief.

VK Sasikala
Photo Credit: http://indianexpress.com/article/cities/chennai/aiadmk-party-wing-urges-vk-sasikala-to-become-tamil-nadu-chief-minister/

People in Tamil Nadu are horrified by this present News happening in the state.

AIADMK members said in a talk that CHINNAMMA’s performance would be good.

When things are set, CHINNAMMA will take charge as the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu on Monday.

CHINNAMMA VK Sasikala says that she will follow all the principles of the former beloved Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu Ms. Jayalalithaa.

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