Camping With Dog? Here’s A List of Sleeping Solution That Must Know!

camping with dogs

Just like human beings, dogs also love camping. There’s nothing better than spending your entire night under the stars with your four-legged best friend. However, sleeping with your dog is not as easy as you think.

Most campers have a hard time sleeping with their dogs during their camping trips; fortunately, there are lots of sleeping solutions available these days that you may want to consider when camping with dogs.

Either way, if you don’t have any idea about this sleeping solution for camping with your dog then keep on reading this content.

Top 10 Sleeping Solutions when Camping with Dogs!

1. Share your caravan or tent

Let your dog rest as near to your place as possible. If possible, you should offer your dog with his or her sleeping compartment. Better yet, place your dog’s blanket in the front part of your tent or along with you in the caravan.

On the other hand, it is best not to allow your pet to sleep in a separate tent or outside, just because it may make him or her insecure and stressed at the same time. Apart from that, the possibility of your dog being stolen is higher.

So if you and your dog want to have the best sleeping experience during your camping make sure to let your pup become acquainted with sleeping in tents by setting it up in your home as well as treat him/her to an enjoyable trial holiday before leaving for a camp.

2. Choose the right camping tent

When considering a sleeping area for a dog camp out trip, ensuring that the camping tent is big enough for you and your pet to sleep at ease and securely is very important.

However, when you are buying a camping tent, make sure to consider your pet as a human being. In addition to that, keep in mind that dogs can scrape their way out of camping tent with ease. Thus, if you lock your pet inside the shelter might be disastrous especially if he wants to get out.

3. Prepare a sleeping plan

When hiking or camping with dogs, you should remember everything you need, especially when it comes to your and your pet’s sleeping arrangements. Think through whether your dog will sleep outside or inside the tent with you.

If you plan to keep your dog outside the tent make sure to bring a tarp to create a comfortable shelter for your dog. If the weather at night is too cold, consider giving your dog a jacket also.

Having a sleeping plan will ensure that everybody has a comfortable and safe night’s sleep.

4. Make sure to keep your pet warm at night

Even though dogs have fur coats, it does not make them cold-proof as the temperature drops at night. To keep your dog warm at night and allow him or her sleep comfortably positions his/her pillow (Learn more at Outdoor With J) or pad on a canvas to keep it from getting moist from the ground.

Also, give your dog a jacket and extra blankets when needed. Though cuddling is also worth considering.

5. Use pet-friendly insect repellents

Both people and animals will not be able to have a sound sleep when they hear bustling sounds. Therefore, you must find a way out to sleep well. Therefore, prevent these bustling sounds from disturbing you. In order to prevent this from happening, make sure that you bring an insect repellent that is pet-friendly and can keep the bugs and other pests at bay.

6. Consider your sleeping habits

Are you a kind of person who wakes up easily? Are you a bad sleeper? If so, then consider consulting your doctor if your sleeping habit is a big concern as well as becomes the reason for your pet to wake up.

7. Give your pet a comfortable nap place

Let us face it; your pet spends a lot of time napping. Even the most active dog takes a couple of midday sleep throughout the day. With that said, make sure to give them a comfortable place to nap during you’re camping trip. Even so, outdoor dog cots, sleeping bags, as well as beds are all great selections.

camping with dogs
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8. Let your dog sleep in a separate hammock

When you’re planning to go on a hammock camping, it is best to let your dog relax in a different hammock; yes, indeed this is going to be beneficial. Both of you will have a good night sleep. However, you must make sure that you set up your dog’s hammock securely and close to you.

9. Get your pet used to sleep inside the tent while at home

Sleeping in the wilderness is different than sleeping in your own home. Thus, if you’re planning to bring your pet on your next camping trip, then you must prepare it this way. You must train your furry friend to sleep inside the tent, especially if he or she has never slept in the tents before. This will take some treats and teaching. Trust us; you will find this helpful when you’re already in the campsite.

10. Don’t indulge your dog

If your dog wakes up you during the night, don’t pamper him/her with a snack session or midnight play. To avoid this from happening, give your dog enough play time as well as an exercise in the day. Don’t make him/her a lazy bone during daylight hours when outdoor camping with dogs. Set a fixed time in the night for your pet to sleep.

To ensure a comfortable and safe night’s sleep while out for camping we are advising you to consider the solutions mentioned above when it comes to sleeping with your dog. Trust us; if you think these solutions, you will have the best camping and sleeping experience with your dog.

Did you find this information helpful? If yes, we have a lot more that can help you in your camping excursions with your pets. Please leave your comments and suggestions here.

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