Is Brexit A Disadvantage To The UK Human Rights?

EU Human Rights

With the referendum held on June 23rd, the UK has opted for Brexit. With several questions running in the minds of people, as to what would be the resulting situation after this, analysts and academicians are coming up with possible pros and cons of Brexit.

The European Union’s laws of UK human rights are the most powerful in the world. The EU was formed as a measure of unity and security among the European nations after the World War II. It is a known fact that a myriad lot of Jews were killed during the World War II. Hence, the EU has brought an adamant agenda regarding human rights, so that such incidents should never happen in the future.

Now, since the UK has opted for Brexit, the following laws of human rights will not be a rule in the UK.

1. Strict Individual Laws

EU Human Rights
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According to the EU, the private laws for a person are very high. For instance, there are laws for the minimum wage of a worker, hours of work per day, treating a fellow individual and legislation against bullying at workplace. According to EU, even the travel time for work is included in the duration of work per day.

Now since the UK has opted for Brexit, it is not mandatory for it to follow these laws.

2. Laws Regarding Capital Punishment

EU UK Human Rights
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According to the EU’s human rights, an individual cannot be sentenced to death for his crimes. There is no capital punishment in the EU. Hence, if a person has committed a severe crime such as a brutal murder or rape, which demands a strict punishment, the EU does not allow for it. Since the UK has come out of the EU, it can put an end to such laws and bring up capital punishment for serious crimes.

3. UK Human Rights for Non-UK Members

EU Human Rights
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There is an enormous immigrant population in the UK from the EU. The non-UK members who are a part of the EU are also subjected to human rights according to the EU. With Brexit, their case is entirely unknown, as to what will be their future in the UK. Vice versa is applicable as well, for the UK citizens who are living in the EU.

There are several cases which remain unknown with Brexit. The public is expecting a settle down with issues sooner with time.

The UK’s decision of Brexit after the referendum is not going to be a favorable option, as far as UK human rights are concerned. Several violations of the strict human rights in the EU can happen as a result.

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