Should You Eat Breakfast Before Your Exercise?


All of us would have heard that the main workout mantra is to do exercise on an empty stomach before having breakfast to maximize fat burn. If only it was true.

In 1999, Bill Philips published his book Body-for-Life, a best seller till date, which promises a body transformation within 12 weeks of the workout. Philips has described in this book that working out on an empty stomach increases the number of calories burnt and thus fastens the process of losing weight. The rest is history. Since then, every Tom, Dick and Harry started running on the treadmill early in the morning on their empty stomachs.

Should You or Not Perform Cardio before Breakfast?

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The explanation behind the widely accepted myth of working out on an empty stomach is that your body will run out of glucose levels before breakfast. Hence, fat will be utilized to power your body during the workout. This is a big fat lie. Getting yourself to starve before exercising can be harmful to your body. Working out while you are starving, does not lead to a greater fat loss, but gives room for excessive muscle breakdown during and after the workout.

The fact is you should always eat something before a workout. Don’t worry about whether you are burning fat or not. At the end of the day, it is all going to be calories burnt vs. calories eaten.

Food is the fuel of your body which powers it throughout the workout. Performing high-intensity exercises before breakfast can cause you to faint or develop a low glucose level. It could also be possible feed you into disorderly eating habits.

Your body needs energy for high-intensity exercises.

It is always good to work out as hard as you can. How can that happen if you have not fueled your body? Think about it this way; can you not have eaten anything?Will you be able to do a power packed workout?

Think over fellas!

If you want to get the most out of your workout, you need to fuel your body before exercise.

What to Eat before Work Out?

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You need not gorge yourself in, but a healthy and nutritious snack would do. It is recommended to eat something 45 minutes to 1 hour before the training. You will figure out that you will have more energy and endurance to work out harder, burn more calories in turn and tone your body.

  • Have a small portion of something with carbohydrates and protein.
  • Have a nutritious fruit smoothie or low-fat yogurt with berries or
  • Have a banana and a few pitted dates before starting for your morning run or a workout.
  • A handful of sprouts and egg whites from 2 boiled eggs give you sufficient protein to start your exercise.
  • A cup of boiled chickpea and a few dried figs boost your workout.

If your purpose is weight loss, have a portion of proteins and avoid carbohydrate. If your intention is not to reduce weight but to develop muscle endurance and improve performance, then you can add a portion of carbohydrates.

The myth is broken at last! Grab your nutritious breakfast or some energy booster snacks before exercising, to end up with a killer workout. Stay fit! Stay healthy!

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