Barack Obama Disagree With The Acts Of Russia In Syria

Barack Obama against Russian War

US President Barack Obama seemed anxious over the acts of the Russia in Syria; he expressed it on Thursday. Russia executed a military action for the Syrian Government, which made Obama anxious. He advised the Russia that it should be cooperative with the US so that the solution of the crisis can be found out.

He also added that the US is always ready to move forward with the Russia so that they can make their efforts more power against Al-Qaeda and Syria.

Barack Obama against Russian War
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Obama attended a meeting of Nation Security Council, and after it; he also told that Russia has not taken essential steps and made the situation deteriorating. He also said to Russia to show that it is concerned about the situation and it seriously wants to follow objectives.

Both the US and Russia are against the five-year war in Syria because 280,000 people in this war have been killed while half the population has been forced to leave their home. Many efforts have been made so that the war could be ceased, but all of them failed.

In 2011, a brutal onslaught was made by the Assad regime, and it was made against the pro-democracy revolt. Consequently, this five-year long war erupted.

The United States is in favor of the modest rebels fighting so that President Bashar Al-Assad can be unseated. Russia is an ally of Damascus. Both Russia and US make efforts internationally so that armed opposition group and Syrian regime can be brought to the table for the negotiation so that war can be ceased.

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Russia attacked with massive air strikes over the outer parts of alienated Aleppo City. John Kerry who is the US Secretary of State also said that Russia should avoid the offensive operation, and it should also stop its ally to do so.

Obama also expressed his doubts; he is not confident enough to trust on the President Vladimir Putin and Russians. He added, “We have to test whether or not we can get an actual cessation of hostilities that includes an end to the kinds of aerial bombing and civilian death and destruction that we have seen carried out by the Assad regime.

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