All Good Things and Health Benefits of Yoga!

Have we ever sat back and thought, what is that one thing that we require the most in life? I have done that homework, and the answer is good health! Good health brings everything along from happiness to prosperity. There are several benefits of yoga. Yoga is a package deal of all those things that can offer us a healthy lifestyle; benefits of yoga include an ideal body weight; an appealing posture; glowing and a beautiful skin; flexible and healthy body; and good mental health. However, as the saying goes, partial knowledge is always harmful; so is with yoga.

Most of us today, limit the concept of yoga to Asanas (the workout postures of yoga), which narrows the level of benefits of yoga to body level only; whereas, yoga has several benefits that combine all mind, body, and breath. According to me, when you are in complete harmony with yoga practice, your journey becomes happier, accomplished and calmer through all aspects of life.

Fitness in All Aspects

It is my strong belief that just staying fit or physically healthy isn’t enough; both emotional health and mental health is a must for all kinds of fitness agendas. We can be called fit, only if we are fit mentally, physically and emotionally. Something overwhelming has been quoted about yoga by Ymber Delecto, “Yoga is invigoration in relaxation; freedom in routine; confidence through self-control; Energy within and energy without.”


We have been talking about a healthy living in our previous blogs; now, I would like to take this journey a step forward with a newer dimension – all good things that Yoga has for us to offer!

Weight Management and Perfect Posture

There are various yoga techniques such as sun salutation, also known as “Surya Namaskar” and pranayamas (regulating and controlling breath) that can help us lose all the extra fats and excess weight from our bodies; a daily yoga routine can help us achieve a strong, flexible and supple body. A habitual yoga practice tones and stretches our body muscles giving a lean, appealing posture; this will show up when you sit, stand, walk and sleep. It can even aid various muscle pains including a backache and calf pain, which have previously occurred due to incorrect posture.

Mental Relief and Inner Peace

Our mind and body are set to accumulate pressure and anxiety on a daily basis, and yoga routine that includes meditation combined with asanas and pranayamas can do wonders to get rid of all such stress. The toxins and stress make our body and mind mentally, emotionally and physically weaker; yoga can help us get de-stress through various yoga courses such as the Art of Living Yoga.

Why do we go out on holidays at peaceful, scenic destinations; if it is to find peace and relaxation, then I must say; just take mini-vacations every day with yoga and meditation, and you will actually experience similar pleasure; meditation is one of the best ways to calm down an excited or a disturbed mind.

Optimum Immunity and Good Energy

Our systems are connected with each other, including the mind, body and spirit; when there is an abnormality witnessed in the body, it directly or indirectly affects both our mind and spirit. For instance, if I were suffering cold and cough, it would directly affect my mind, and it would indirectly after my spirit through the restlessness and unpleasantness occurred. Yes, yoga can actually help you treat cold and cough as well, and overall, improve our immunity system.

Yoga strengthens our body at all levels such as tissues, muscles and organs; providing high levels of energy all day long. Meditation and yoga can help us feel fresh and energetic throughout the day, even if it is a hectic one.


Life with Better Intuition and Awareness

Our mind always sways between our past and our future; it never stays in the present scenario. This is when our mind requires stability, and yoga is what works here; pranayama gives awareness to the mind and brings it back to the present moment, keeping you focused and happy; it can be counted among the vital benefits of yoga. Not only this, but yoga and meditation improve the power of intuition for all our action plans to deliver positive results.

Yoga can also work wonders in improving relationships with family and friends for the reason that a contented, happy mind deals with the complicated and sensitive relationship in an optimum manner; it can help in business relationships too. Meditation is something we must try to strengthen the special bond that we have with our loved ones.

I can go on and on about the benefits of yoga, but if I keep on saying something, it’s just not worth; we all need to practically experience the benefits of yoga. For profound benefits of meditation and yoga, it is significant to move deeper and deeper into the yoga practice. Consequently, keep practicing yoga; it shouldn’t be taken as a crash course; it is an incessant process.

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