Alif 2017: Movie Review

alif 2017 movie review

Alif is the recent Bollywood film directed as well as written by Zaigham Imam. The film is produced by Pawan Tiwari along with Zaigham Imam. It is narrated by actress Jaya Bachchan. Alif got premiered in November 2016, at the Indian International Film Festival of Queensland, in Australia.

The film bagged Best Child Artist Award and Best Screenplay Award at Bioscope Global Film Festival.

Alif: Star Cast

  • Neelima Azeem as Zahara
  • Danish Hussain as Raza
  • Bhavna Pani
  • Pawan Tiwari
  • Aditya Om
  • Saud Mansuri as Ali
  • Shimala Prasad
  • Gauri Shanker
  • Ishaan

Alif: Story Plot

Alif is story based on Orthodox community and rituals, where a father (Danish Hussain) fights for his son’s education. He wanted his son to get English education and become a doctor instead of madarsa education. Dansih as Raza in the film finally succeeds to send his son Ali to and English medium school where his faces tough times as he came from an Arabic seminary.

His teachers treat him like hell as they don’t like children from madarsa. Raza also faces a difficult time with his sister who was married in Pakistan and was experiencing hell during the 1993 riots. Thus, somehow the father is fighting for the rights of his family.

Critic Review

alif 2017 movie review
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The film did not get promising reviews from the critics. The Times of India gave a rating of 2 out of 5 and said, “Film tries to address the importance of quality education Marketed as a ‘festival’ film, Alif has many good points, along with a strong story, which shows how an orthodox approach to education, in this case in Islam, can ruin lives; both young and old. However, execution and performances fail this film from rising above being anything more than a film with a ‘message.’”

Review by Scroll.In, “Alif is a tedious lesson about the need for secular education. Extremely loud and incredibly broad, Alif stumbles over themes handled far more sensitively by such films as Garm Hava and Mammo. The theatrical acting and inept handling of scenes stretch on for 120 minutes, and the larger issues that the movie tries to tackle fall by the wayside. The Muslim question is more important now than ever before, but Alif is incapable of approaching the debate with nuance or imagination.”

Our ratings: 2.5/5

To Wrap it Up!

Although with a good story and message the actor fails to deliver their best. They gave an average performance, but Neelima Azeem paved the way and did a great work. The execution of the film was also poor, and at some time you may feel bored. But for the message of the importance of education, you can watch it. This one is only a one-time-watch film as there is no other movie for this week.

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