Race Favourite Alberto Contador Strong After Crash On First Day

tour de france 2016

The two time Tour de France winner and Spanish cycling champion Alberto Contador suffered a crash on the very first day of the race. However, the ace cyclist says he is unaffected by the crash and as the race is not over yet, he has still quite a lot left to show.

The Spanish rider crashed while exiting from a roundabout in the race to the Utah beach. During the crash, he injured his right side quite badly, scraping shoulders and knee in the process. Alberto has had a similar crash before in the Giro d’ Italia in 2015. Amazingly, Alberto emerged as the champion that year and won the race.

The otherwise known as ‘El Pistolero’ Spaniard said that even though he is injured and his shoulder hurts, the race is not over yet and he is not going to give up. Being optimistic, he vowed to take advantage of the remaining hours to recover his gap and be amongst the top finishers once again.

The crash incident took place when the race was 78 kilometres complete (out of the 188 mark) as cyclists were pushing through Normandy. Alberto lost control when the front wheel slipped out, causing him to fall to the ground. After his return to the bike, his fellow mates Marciej Bodnar along with Matteo Tosatto assisted him in getting back and re-joining the race with full force.

TDF 2016
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It was a fight out there for positions as we were trying to avoid the wind”, added Alberto.

Luckily, the race doctor confirmed that Alberto had not suffered a fracture in any of the bone. Alberto has been involved in similar crashes during major races in 2015 and 2014. In 2015, he crashed in a similar manner at stage six but managed to win the race. However in 2014, he had to exit the race because of a broken leg.

Alberto was determined to go stronger into the race and has decided to use the next few days to take over the charge and recover the gap before the mountains.

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