Aankhen 2: A Sequel Telling The Tale About A Massive Casino Robbery

Aankhen 2

The film sequel trend in Bollywood is a success formula for many directors. This year will prove to be a big one for sequels of super hit Bollywood films. One such film, which has gained a lot of interest, is the sequel to 2002 film Aankhen. This sequel is expected to release in the festive season and is named as Aankhen 2.

Aankhen 2 is anticipated to have a fancy star cast, as many big stars can be seen in this film and not to forget the megastar Amitabh Bachchan who was there in the first part and now will also be there in the second part. The first film was a blockbuster; it was based on a bank robbery by three men who were visually impaired. The sequel has Arjun Rampal, and Arshad Warsi as blind and the third actor is yet to be decided along with Anil Kapoor. A fresh face is expected to be chosen.

The storyline is all about a robbery in a famous casino. The director Anees Bazmee disclosed that this time the robbery would take place in an international casino. This would be the first time when a casino will be the target of this gang. The shooting is expected to begin in March. A casino is a place, which is always jam-packed with people playing, grooving on music and gossiping. Although online casinos have become famous, the real casinos are still in demand.

This is the reason why the thieves choose casino for robbery due to large cash is there and a huge crowd for them to hide.

Aankhen 2
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The plot of the film is quite interesting when everyone in the casino is playing and enjoying, suddenly there is a power cut and the person from the casino helps the cons to enter the cash cages. The trio collects the cash and get hides the cash bag in the casino and easily mixes with the crowd. While there is a hustle in the casino, the current is back the thieves disappears from the crowd and are successful in escaping along with the money.

Esha Gupta got replaced with Ileana D’Cruz as she turned down the offer.  Esha was successful enough to grab it and share the screen with a mega star. “This time, there are more layers, more secrets and it has me. My character is crucial to the plot, and I am confident I can pull this off,” said Esha when she was asked about her role in the film. The sequel is expected to have much more suspense and thrill than the previous one. The makers are all set to start the production and finalize the casting.

It is a positive start for Aankhen 2 to get publicity even before starting the production. This may be due to the amazing star cast and of course the impact of the first part, which was loved by the audiences. So, it may be said that this Anees Bazmee’s film is going to be a big one as everyone is already waiting for it. We hope that the film proves to be a good one and meet the expectations of the audiences.

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