5 Dangerous Foods For Your Pet Dog That You Should Avoid – Toxic Foods

food to avoid for pet dogs

Those big eyes and the cute grin from your pet dog are truly irresistible as it tries to lick you as well as what you are eating. But can a little bite or some item from the table harm your pet? Yes, it can.

There are a number of eating things that you can feed your pet dog, but some food items are not fit for your pet’s consumption. These food items can cause disorders, pains and uneasiness to your pet dog, which you wouldn’t appreciate at all. So here, we bring forward to you a list of 5 foods dangerous for dogs to consume.

Pet Dog Food Items to Avoid – Dangerous & Toxic Foods For Dogs List

1. Chocolate

chocolate for pet dog
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Harmless to humans, consuming chocolate can be pretty devastating for your pet dog. Chocolates contain caffeine as well as the obromine, which cause vomiting and dehydration in your dog. And that’s just the beginning. Don’t even think about trying the dark chocolates as darker the chocolate, more harmful it is. Regular feeding of dark chocolate can cause irregular heart rhythm and abdominal pains in your pet doggy. Strike off chocolate right away!

2. Onions

avoid onions for pet dogs
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Yes, apart from making your beloved dog cry, onions can pretty much cause unbearable pain to your pet if ingested on a regular basis. Onions have certain compounds that are not at all good for dogs. If ingested, these compounds attack the red blood cells of the dogs, causing them to become weak and lazy over the time. If lots of them are ingested, you might need to rush your pet dog to the vet hospital for an immediate blood transfusion.

3. Cheese

avoid cheese for pet dogs
Photo Credit: http://www.wired.co.uk/news/archive/2014-03/03/science-of-cheese

What happens when a dog eats cheese?

Dogs have less number of enzymes, which is why if they ingest food with fats, it is pretty much tantamount to pain and stomach disorders. Dairy products like cheese often have too much of fat content, which can’t be broken down and properly digested. Having too much cheese can cause diarrhoea, vomiting and stomach pain. Better just leave the cheese out in any or all forms possible.

4. Grapes/Raisins

avoid grapes for pet dogs
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Grapes and raisins can be toxic to your dog. One of the biggest disadvantages on consumption of grapes and raisins is that they can cause pain in the abdomen and cause kidney failure as well. Symptoms might not even be visible until it is too late. Grapes and raisins if ingested might cause an extremely painful death within the week. Other than kidney failure, grapes and raisins are known to cause dehydration and lack of appetite in our canine buddies.

5. Bacon

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Ok for chicken but not for bacon? That’s correct. Bacon contains too much of fat content, which is why the body of your beloved dog can’t really digest it well. Eating bacon might cause pancreatitis in your dog, which results in stomach inflammation and swelling. Once ingested, your dog might become weak, experience painful agitations and not eat properly.

Avoid food for dogs, which contain fat or are too sour. The list above as well these common foods should never be given to pets for consumption. Always make sure that you fed just dog food to your pet dog so that it remains healthy for a good long time.

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